GustaVino is a 3D printed modular wine rack.

This is your opportunity to have GustaVino even if you don’t have a 3D printer.

I can print it for you but as I have only one printer you need first to choose the Kit and colour you would like and fill some key information, then I will get back to you in less than 24h with all details specifying the DATE I could shipping it to you.

If you agree, then just pay online as normally and you will receive your GustaVino in the estimated delivery day.

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GustaVino is a stylish and versatile Gaudi inspired modular wine rack made from renewable* materials that can be reproduced in any 3d printer.


The light organic form was inspired by the work of Gaudi, in particular the application of his studies of trees and bones to create beautiful structures of natural engineering.

GustaVino is a symmetrical interlocking component that be combined countless ways to hold any number of wine bottles at any space.

It’s a flexible and scalable wine rack that follows your wine collection growth (or decreased when you drink and don’t want to leave an empty spare unnecessarily).

*Gustavino is made with PLA, a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based material that it’s ease of use and have low fumes in printing.

Multiple possibilities

GustaVino is amazingly versatile. You can display your wine collection horizontally, vertically or even pyramidal. For instance, using only 3 pieces you can hold 3 or 4 bottles depending on how you arrange them!



The space inside the honeycomb accommodates a wide wine ranges, as you can see below.



Even if it’s an industrial piece, each one will be unique as it would be created by nature with its organic form and texture of production through 3D printing.

Additional information

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3 pieces, 6 pieces, 9 pieces, 12 pieces, 15 pieces, 18 pieces, 21 pieces, 24 pieces


White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Magenta, Orange, Sky Blue, Purple, Green, Chocolate, Silver, Bronze Gold, Yellow Gold, Glow in a Dark Green


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